What is web hosting

What is web hosting?

When you open a web page, you are actually looking at code written in different programming languages. Your browser transforms this information into images or text. The code must therefore be stored somewhere so that our browser can access it each time you type the site name or its domain name in the search bar. This storage location is the server: a large, very powerful machine that has its own processor, memory and hard drive. Your web host offers you part of the server (or an entire server as we will see later) in exchange for a monthly price. It usually also undertakes to provide you with certain services such as server management, technical support and so on.

What types of accommodation are there?

To make it easier for you, we are going to introduce you to the different types of web hosting and we will see which one is best for your business project.

There are 4 types of web hosting :

- Shared Hosting,

- Dedicated Hosting,

- VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server),

- The Cloud.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting means that several websites, including yours, share the same server. Thus, you have the status of co-tenant of the machine and you therefore have the right to use its resources. This type of hosting is ideal for projects that do not receive many visits and do not consume a lot of resources. This is the case for a blog or a corporate website for example. The great advantage of shared hosting is that it is cheaper than others. Thanks to it, you can therefore, without making a huge initial investment, launch your project.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting offers you a physical machine at your disposal. In this case you have more freedom: you can for example choose the operating system that suits you best. Dedicated hosting is therefore ideal for your project if you have more in-depth knowledge of system administration in order to be able to take advantage of the full range of options offered by the dedicated server. It is also the right choice for you if your site is about to receive a large volume of visits: this is the case of online stores for example.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)is halfway between mutual hosting and dedicated server. In the case of the VPS you do not have a physical machine but rather a virtual machine which is installed on a server. The biggest advantage of this type of solution is that it can be tailor-made: that is, you have the possibility to choose the exact parameters you need (CPU, RAM or disk space). Another advantage of this type of hosting is its price: much cheaper than the dedicated server, the VPS also gives you the possibility of improving your parameters as you grow. Unlike shared hosting, VPS allows you to divide the power of the machine into as many parts as you want: that is to say that you, as a user,

The Cloud

cloud computingis characterized by its great flexibility: it offers you an on-demand service. That is to say that, just like for your household appliances that you plug into the network, you consume only what is necessary for the operation of your site. In the case of the cloud, you do not have access to a single server but to servers connected in a network. This type of solution is very practical in terms of protection against DDoS attacks. These are attacks that do not represent a danger to the security of the site but which try to sabotage it by sending it a lot of requests. The most effective method of protecting against these attacks is to block as many requests as possible and propagate the rest in a large network. Since the cloud already has a network, it is much more efficient than