CDN: What is it?

Ergonomics, layout, image optimization are factors to consider when building a website. If the consideration of these factors is known to everyone today, the importance of a CDN is not always. The CDN "content Delivery Network" has many advantages, especially when it comes to improving the speed of loading a page. The rapid display of an e-commerce platform can be essential to improve the conversion rate and therefore sales. The CDN allows the requested files to be delivered to the planet based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the web page and the content delivery server. 

What is web hosting

When you open a web page, you are actually looking at code written in different programming languages. Your browser transforms this information into images or text. The code must therefore be stored somewhere so that our browser can access it each time you type the site name or its domain name in the search bar. This storage location is the server.